Homa receives certificate for sustainable action

Press release

Due to the consistent recycling of production materials, HOMA Pumpenfabrik has been awarded the "Resources SAVED" certificate for the fifth time in a row.

In cooperation with the disposal service provider Interseroh, HOMA ensures closed material cycles and thus the careful use of resources by recycling old electrical appliances that can be recycled after use. Through this measure alone, HOMA saved 420 tons of resources and 13,622 kilograms of greenhouse gases last year. The resource savings are roughly equivalent to the weight of almost 1,000 apple trees. By comparison, in the previous year HOMA reduced its consumption of resources by 134 tons and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 4,366 kilograms.

Annual analysis by the Fraunhofer Institute

"We are delighted with this visible success in our efforts to make production as resource-efficient as possible," says Hans Hoffmann, Managing Director of HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH. "Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic events, reducing our ecological footprint remains an integral part of our daily work," Hoffmann continued. The joint commitment of HOMA and Interseroh is documented and certified annually by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT.