Industry and waste water systems

We move water:
HOMA Quality products for waste water technology.

HOMA products for industrial and waste water technology have been used throughout the world for many decades. The demands of the waste water sector are continually increasing. HOMA is always one step ahead of the general industry standard, and through a permanent optimisation of the hydraulic components and motors, is dedicated to economic operation and competitive purchase costs. The entire knowledge and creative potential of our company is vested in our products and services to provide optimum benefit for our customers.

Product overview industry and waste water systems

50 Hz range

Drainage pumps (1)

Submersible waste water pump for high delivery heads


Submersible sewage pumps (12)

Submersible pumps for sewage and effluent


Sewage pumps with cutter system (3)

Submersible pumps with cutter system for sewage and effluent


Wastewater chopper pumps (1)

Chopper pumps for sewage and effluent even with coarse solids and fibers for high delivery heads


Stainless steel pumps for aggressive liquids (5)

Submersible pumps for chemically aggressive drainage and waste water


Packaged pump stations (1)

Packaged submersible pump stations with synthetic collection sump



Submersible mixers (2)

Agitating in municipal treatment plants and Mixing of liquids


Tank cleaning systems (1)

Injektor-jet pipe system with submersible pumps for stormwater tanks



Propeller pumps (1)

High flow rates; with optional patent-protected intake chamber


Pit flushing valves (1)

Flushing and cleaning of pump pits


Maintenance Slide (1)

For the maintenance and disassembly of sewage submersible motor pumps


Pump control and automation systems (10)

Overheating protection, alarm systems, niveau controls and monitoring systems


The network frequency is 50 Hz in the EU.
In other parts of the world, such as in the North American region, Brazil, Saudi Arabia or South Korea 60 Hz.

HOMA pumps are available for both frequency ranges. A selection of the pumps for the valid frequency range at the installation site must be made accordingly. We are happy to assist you in the selection of the right pumps.

Select 50 Hz

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50 Hz