Lifting Systems

for effluent and sewage with or without faecal matter

Lifting systems are needed where effluent or sewage occurs in spaces that are below the sewerage backwater level or in where there is an insufficient gradient to the next sewage collection shaft/pipe. They are therefore also suitable for retrofitting an additional bath, guest lavatory or utility room. But HOMA provides the suitable solution for the disposal of condensate or brine from condensing boilers and/or water softening systems.

(1) San.iQ one/ Saniquick 1A  (2) San.iQ plus  (3) Saniquick UF/ UFT

(4) Condistar H76 K  (5) Solestar/ San.iQ plus CH (6) San.iQ cut/ San.iQ cut V/  Sanifox/ SanifluxV  (7) Sanistar

Faecal Matter Lifting Systems

Lifting systems for sewage containing faecal matter to DIN EN 12050-1 are subject to strict technical requirements are are therefore not restricted as to their use and/or their area of application (in contrast to the lifting systems “for limited use” according to DIN EN 12050-3). They are equipped with a collecting tank that must have a useful volume of at least 20 litres. As the tank is defined according to the standard as an explosion-protected space, all electrical connections and components are located outside this tank. An open tank or sewage collection shaft in buildings is not permitted. 

HOMA Series: Sanistar, Sanistar C, Sanistar PLUS, Saniboy G, Sanimaster G

Effluent Lifting Systems

Apart from the area of application for sewage free of faecal matter, lifting systems that come under DIN EN 12050-2 are not subject to any further restriction.

HOMA Series: San.iQ plus, Saniquick UF/ Saniquick UFT

Small Lifting Systems

Lifting systems for limited use (also known as small lifting systems or WC conveyors) allow the installation of a second bath, a guest lavatory or a utility room in spaces outside the sewerage backwater level or in spaces without a sewage pipe nearby. They dispose of sewage and effluent, containing faecal matter.

HOMA Series: San.iQ one, Saniquick 1A, San.iQ cut, Sanifox, Sanipower

Lifting Systems as Backflow Prevention

If the public sewerage system is overloaded and runs fully up to the backwater level (e.g. due to flooding or heavy rain), all connected pipes that are below this backwater level are filled with water. Without backflow prevention, all sanitary units below the backwater level overrun, and the spaces overflow up to the heights of the backwater level. DIN EN 12056-4 prescribes sewage systems with backflow loop for backflow prevention across Europe, if the number of users is not small, the users do not have any lavatory above the backflow loop and if the spaces through which the sewage lifting system is disposed are not of minor significance (definition of “minor significance” according to DIN EN 12056-1 “if the spaces overflowing has no effect”).