High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality: HOMA wins Plus X Award

Press release

The new San.iQ cut V small lifting unit has now been awarded the Plus X Award in three categories.

Jury recommendations 2020

The Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. It honours brands for the leading edge in quality and innovation of their products. In the field of technology, HOMA's San.iQ cut V was also one of the few jury recommendations this year - with success! The San.iQ cut V was awarded in three of the seven categories by the international expert jury consisting of various representatives from different industries: for high quality, ease of use and functionality. What more could you want? These are exactly the points that are important for a modern small lifting system!

" When used with hung toilets, the model can be easily installed behind the pre-wall, as it features a small width. Thus, the system is outside the view of the user", praised the expert jury. They also emphasised that "the system does not ventilate into the pre-wall, but offers the possibility of connecting an external ventilation system and thus conducting the exhaust air to the outside", they continued. In addition, the special features of the " integrated Barracuda cutting system made of stainless steel" and " the inclination that prevents deposits" are also highlighted.

Master thesis as basis for development

For HOMA this award is a further confirmation of their work and approach in the development of the plant. In order to offer a high-quality and well-founded problem solution in the segment of small lifting systems for building services, HOMA decided to have the market and the development process analysed in detail as part of a master's thesis when developing its new San.iQ cut V WC conveyor. The result of Pascal Merz's work was the design of a small sewage lifting unit using state-of-the-art technology.

Trade partners also benefit from the award: superior brand quality pays off and is a particularly important argument for convincing customers. The seal shows that not just any small lifting unit is being used, but a quality product confirmed by an independent party.

The convincing features of the invisible WC professional:

  • Odour-tight container in modern design
  • Robust and reliable Barracuda cutting system
  • Particularly maintenance-friendly: container with separate drying area allows easy access for servicing
  • Odourless ventilation
  • Possibility for external ventilation
  • Potential-free collective fault signal optionally available
  • Incl. extensive connection accessories