Clog-free operations
Greiz | Germany

When replacing the drain pumps in the rain overflow basin, including the installation parts, the Zweckverband TAWEG opts for the latest HOMA designs.

New pumps should not be susceptible to clogging

2 x HOMA MXS2330-ET34EX
2 x KKR100/100

Waste water and sewage systems

Project description

In the mixing system, the waste water and waste water from households, trade and industry is collected together with the precipitation water in a sewer and discharged. When it rains, very high discharges occur which cannot be completely treated in sewage treatment plants. For this reason, rainwater overflow basins are necessary, among other things, in which some of these effluents can be temporarily stored.  

Stormwater overflow basins have the basic function of limiting the continued discharge in the direction of the wastewater treatment plant. They are arranged at points where the critical mixed water discharge is not to be passed on to the sewage treatment plant at full height, as in the case of a rain overflow.

Installation of two clog-resistant HOMA MXS pumps

The rainwater overflow basin RÜB 4 "Schlossgarten" in Greiz repeatedly recorded pump failures due to solids in the wastewater. The clogging partially led to the failure of the plant. The Zweckverband Trinkwasserversorgung und Abwasserbeseitigung Weiße Elster - Greiz (ZV TAWEG) therefore decided to replace the pumps and install two clog-resistant HOMA MXS2330-ET34EX pumps, including the replacement of the installation parts (foot bend and drain device).


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