Packaged submersible pump stations - SKB6 / SKB9

Packaged submersible pump stations with synthetic collection sump

50 Hz


Discharge size
DN100 / DN150 / DN200

Motor power P2
0,6 - 4,4 kW


Packaged submersible pump stations - SKB6 / SKB9


SKB 6 and SKB 9 sumps are pre-assembled submersible pump stations, each with an anti-flotation collection sump for the drainage of buildings from below the sewer level. With the minimum of civil work and installation time it is installed, in open ground, outside the building. Installing the SKB 6 or SKB 9 is an effective and economical solution for various waste-water and sewage disposal situations. Both pump stations can be supplied with either HOMA submersible series Barracuda GRP sewage pumps with cutting system, or series TP and series TCV/TCM waste-water pumps. For installation according to DIN EN 124 with load classes: - A 15 - B 125 - D 400


Tank (Polyethylene), Pump coupling system (Cast iron, GG25/EN-GJL-250 coated), Guide rails (Stainless steel A2), Discharge pipe screw connections (Cast iron, GG25/EN-GJL-250 coated/Stainless steel A2).

Pumped liquid

For drainage water and sewage disposal according to DIN 12050-1 with pumps of the series TC, TP and GRP.

Collection Tank

The collection sumps comprises: Tank: compact polyethylene tank with anti-flotation design. SKB 6 with 3, SKB 9 with 5 tank connections DN 100/ DN 150 inlets including combined cable duct/air vent and 1 for DN 200 inlet. Sump corresponding to DIN EN 13598. Discharge pipe outlet. Frame for height support ring or access cover.


Main features of SKB 6 and SKB 9: • Complete pump station including pipe work and valves for a quick, simple installation. • The low weight and compact design makes it easily transportable. • Various inlets DN 100/150/200 to accommodate specific conditions. • No-deposit at the sump bottom, achieved by the hanging pump-coupling and spherical base of the sump, designed to prevent build-up. Easy pump removal: the pump can be lifted on its own without the discharge pipe. Sump corresponding to DIN EN 13598.

The network frequency is 50 Hz in the EU.
In other parts of the world, such as in the North American region, Brazil, Saudi Arabia or South Korea 60 Hz.

HOMA pumps are available for both frequency ranges. A selection of the pumps for the valid frequency range at the installation site must be made accordingly. We are happy to assist you in the selection of the right pumps.

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50 Hz