HOMA pump selection program HOP.Sel

Pump Selection Program

The HOP.SEL – pump selection program

This program provides the HOMA product catalogue with all technical data and information. It also allows the selection of applicable products by entering the required hydraulic operating data and further selection criteria.

HOP.Sel Software Download

The following links provide you with a free download of the HOP.Sel Software.


HOP.Sel Software Download (USA-Version)

If you need the US-Version, please use this link.


Information, News, Updates

If HOP.SEL is already installed on your PC, you can also use the update function, which can be found in the "Extras" Menu. For further information, please click here.


You would like to order a CD version of HOP.Sel

In addition to the features of the online version (hydraulic or product-related selection), the CD version provides a liquid flow and friction loss calculation program for specifying the required pump duty data base. The product manager includes sections for project administration, quotation and accessory selection. To order the CD version please complete the order form.



Online-Version HOP.Sel 3.0

If HOP.Sel is already installed on your PC, you can also use the update function (HOP.Sel 2.0), which can be found in the "Extras" Menu.

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