Submersible pumps for sewage and effluent - MX(S)

Submersible sewage pumps with single channel impeller

50 Hz
60 Hz


Spherical clearance
80 - 100 mm

Discharge size
DN 80 / DN 100 / DN150

Max. head
4,7 - 77,3 m

Max. flow
68,4 - 511,9 m³/h

Motor power P1
2,1 - 37,1 kW

Motor power P2
1,6 - 33,0 kW

2900 / 1450 / 960 rpm


Submersible pumps for sewage and effluent - MX(S)


Pump is suitable for pumping surface water, sewage, effluents, and sludge containing soft solids.


Single-stage submersible pumps in close-coupled design for permanent or transportable usage.


Motor housing (Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250), Pump housing (Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250), Impeller (Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250), Wear ring (Bronze), Motor shaft (Stainless steel 1.4104), Bolts (Stainless steel), Elastomeres (Nitrile Rubber), Mechanical seal on medium side (SiC / SiC), Mechanical seal on motor side (SiC / SiC), Upper Bearing (Deep Groove Ball Bearing).

Pumped liquid

Max. medium temperature: 40 °C, short term up to 60 °C.


Three phase electric motor with 2-, 4-, or 6-pole winding. Insulation class H (180 C), Protection IP 68


Large diameter stainless steel rotor shaft, pre-lubricated bearings.


Two independently working silicon-carbide mechanical seals in tandem-arrangement. Oil-filled seal chamber with possibility of control by the inspection screw.


Impeller of the MX(S) series.

For optimum adaptation to the pump medium and operating conditions.

Enclosed single-channel impeller (MX / MXS)

For dirty and muddy fluids with solid and long-fibre fractions. New hydraulic generation MXS with non-clogging impellers and efficiencies of over 80%.

The network frequency is 50 Hz in the EU.
In other parts of the world, such as in the North American region, Brazil, Saudi Arabia or South Korea 60 Hz.

HOMA pumps are available for both frequency ranges. A selection of the pumps for the valid frequency range at the installation site must be made accordingly. We are happy to assist you in the selection of the right pumps.

Select 50 Hz

Select 60 Hz

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50 Hz