HOMA inside - IT department

Michael Rother

has been working at HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH for the last 17 years, and after his apprenticeship as a commercial administrator, he was employed as a systems administrator in the IT department. Since Autumn 2011, he has been the manager of the company's IT department, and since 2015 he has been the lead trainer for the career of "IT Specialist for System Integration"

My responsibilities at HOMA:

As the manager for IT, I am responsible for IT activities overall, and with my team of four colleagues, I am responsible for the implementation and further development of HOMA's IT strategy. This means that technological developments on the market must be transferred to the company as economically as possible, but also we should not ignore IT security in view of the current threats in information technology. In addition, it is important for me that we offer the best possible service to our IT users and support business processes as well as possible.

Why I decided on HOMA:  

When I was quite young, I wanted to work in a company producing physical goods, but which was not too large and which left adequate freedom for personal development. In HOMA, I did indeed identify such a company - right on my doorstep.

My personal highlight at HOMA:

I have experienced how every individual department in the company has developed through the years, and has contributed to the company's success, and have seen how as employees we take responsibility from the very beginning.

If I was a particular HOMA product, then I would like to be:

HOMA VICON monitoring system for the early identification and notification of high-cost damage to pump systems. Here, I can see major parallels in information technology, since in this case, system and processes must be continuously monitored in order to ensure system stability, system safety and service quality.


"As employees we take responsibility from the very beginning."

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