Flood protection in Backnang
Backnang | Germany

The Murrtal valley was repeatedly hit by floods, which also flooded the city centre of Backnang. The Murrtal water board and the town of Backnang decided to take extensive protective measures.

To maintain the functionality of the sewer system in the event of flooding of the Murr (receiving waters).

3 x propeller pumps P644/19-R278/CS

Utility model protected inlet chambers

Waste water and sewage systems

Project description

Since the Murr comes from a mountainous wooded area and several streams flow into the Murr, the water level of the Murr can rise quickly. In the past there have been several floods in the Murr valley.

The water association of the Murrtal and the city of Backnang have developed a concept to protect the Backnang urban area from flooding in the future. In order to maintain and ensure the functionality of the combined sewer system, four flood pumping stations are required. For this purpose, the first flood pumping station was built in 2017 / 2018. Three powerful HOMA flood pumps were required, which are switched on one after the other. The maximum pump delivery rate is 3 x 1,800 l/s = 5,400 l/s. The high water pumps are controlled by frequency converters.


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