Current information about the coronavirus Covid-19


The protection of people is our main focus.

We are available for you - even in these special times!

Current information about the coronavirus Covid-19

For us, the protection of people has top priority: this applies to our employees as well as to our customers, suppliers and all other partners.

We have therefore taken a wide range of actions to minimize the risks in this dynamic situation. For example, our sales representatives work from their home offices, and can be reached at any time by the known phone numbers or by e-mail.

The office service also works partly from home, but is connected to all needed systems and can be reached by the phone numbers or mail addresses known to you.

Our service department is also on duty to guarantee spare parts supply. However, we would like to ask our customers to refrain from picking up spare parts personally in order to reduce the contact risk to a minimum. You can reach our service team by phone or e-mail - the spare parts will be sent as soon as possible by parcel service or by forwarding agent.

We also follow all rules regarding handling, distance and hygiene in the production areas in order to reduce the risk to a minimum and thus protect our employees.

Customers who expect a delivery from us, but cannot accept it at the moment due to the current situation - for example due to personnel problems or a temporary closure, we would like to ask you to inform us in time to avoid additional work and costs on both sides. 

We hope for your understanding and support in this exceptional situation.We will evaluate the situation regularly and keep you informed of any changes.

Stay healthy.
Your HOMA Team