Successful conclusion of the world's leading trade fair IFAT 2018


The record IFAT with 3,305 exhibitors and over 141,000 visitors was also a complete success for us. In addition to the main topic "Our solutions for non-clogging pumps", HOMA exhibited with the KX108150-SU508/CS one of our largest pumps in Munich for the first time. With a weight of 3.5 t and a height of over 3 m, it was the eye-catcher of our trade fair stand.

Since the consumption of hygiene and disposable cleaning cloths has increased significantly in recent years and these tear-resistant solids are often disposed of improperly via the toilet, they accumulate in ever larger quantities in the sewers. When it rains, they reach the pumping stations, where they can get stuck in conventional pump models and lead to blockages. To this end, we have developed a solution that has already proved successful in numerous pumping stations and was presented at this year's IFAT in Munich: The pumps of the EffTec series are equipped with a permanently cooled motor and a highly efficient hydraulic system which prevents the cooling jacket from clogging with solids. The impeller and pump chamber have been redesigned and optimized using flow simulation software. In addition to clog-free operation, hydraulic efficiency has also been improved to up to 81 percent - for optimum service life.

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