HOMA-Spare parts

HOMA original spare parts

The fast way to find the right spare part

Our understanding of optimal service includes providing you with the right spare part for your HOMA product as soon as possible. To obtain the correct spare parts, please contact our service department.

Our service team will be glad to help you with any questions concerning spare parts, spare parts availability and spare parts deliveries to your HOMA product.


Our service team will be only too pleased to provide support on all questions of spare parts and it's delivery for your HOMA product.


+49 (0)2247 702 333



Overview spare parts service

If an alarm is detected at your HOMA product, you can be assured that we will help you fast and uncomplicatedly so that you can continue to work with your HOMA product.

Original spare parts

HOMA original spare parts will make your pump or pumping station work as supposed and without problems.

1 year warranty

HOMA provides a one year warranty for individual spare parts and spare part packages. Guaranteed with delivery.

Worldwide delivery

A global network of HOMA distributors and partners ensures a fast delivery of spare parts. Wherever you need them.

Large inventory

HOMA has a large stock of spare parts in our own warehouse. The necessary spare parts are almost always available.

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