Sanistar Lift pumping unit for public toilet facilities
Berlin Alexanderplatz | Germany

In a high-quality "no-barrier" toilet building, which has received a number of famous design prizes, a HOMA Sanistar lift pumping unit ensures dependable removal of waste water in the centre of Berlin

Safe operation with high visitor numbers



Building services engineering

1 Million visitors: Public toilet facilities in the  Alexanderplatz have a record number of visitors

The original toilet facilities beneath Alexanderplatz date from the 1920s. Before operation was taken over by Wall AG, it had been converted several times. Thanks to a new flour plan, an elegant design, special lighting and the comfort of the installations, a bright, modern service facility was created. The design for the sanitary section is characterised by glass surfaces, white mosaic tiles, anthrocite-coloured stairs and a stone flour. From a central reception counter, the toilet areas with a total of 18 toilets and a nappy-changing area spread out in star formation. 

Sanistar lifting station provides top safety

Compact sewage disposal units with integrated swing check valve, single or twin pump station.


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