Robust. High Performance. Reliable – HOMA Pumps in Qatar
Entertainment City | Qatar

Entertainment City is current one of the largest construction projects in Qatar. This adventure city is to become a combination of catering, recreation and relaxation facilities, with supplementary commercial and private components.

Pumpstation with 18 HOMA Pumps

The aim of this exceptional city is to offer the visitor a variety of leisure activities, spectacular theme parks, themed hotels, specialty shopping centers, restaurants, cinemas, a theater and alternative entertainment components.

A total of 24 million square metres (or just less than 259 million square feet) of earth have to be moved to accomplish this mega-project. A boardwalk with an area of 1,006,000 m² ( just under 11 million square feet) and 1 km (or 3,280 feet) in length were created in this way. Qatar Entertainment City is to be the fixed hub of the massive development of Doha as well as a “tourism driver” for the state of Qatar in its entirety.

An artificially created waterway with canals, tunnels and underpasses leads through the entire complex. Pumping stations were erected at these underpasses, which were equipped with 18 HOMA pumps, to protect the “Amusement City“ against flooding, which occurs from time to time as a result of heavy precipitation.

The following pump types are in use:

3x KX4476-FU116/S EX
6x KX4468-FU96/S EX
3x MX3456-PU94 EX
3x MX3462-PU94 EX
3x MX3472-PU86 EX

Pump Specialities

The model series KX and MX are equipped with an enclosed single or multi channel impeller and a spherical clearance of 100 mm (3.9 in) and are therefore capable of conveying even larger sized solid matter.

The high performance hydraulics provide for a high conveying pressure as well as a high level of efficiency. The MX series attains a maximum flow of 384 m³/h (502 yd³/h) and a maximum height of 34.6 m (or 113.5 feet). The KX series can achieve a maximum of 600 m³/h (784.77 yd³/h) with a maximum height of 24.6 m (or 80.7 feet).