HOMA Inside - Assembly organisation

Waldemar Wegner

is a group leader in Assembly, concentrating on technology and factory organisation. In his job he is most attracted by the responsibility that he can take. Because his decisions have a direct influence on production.

My responsibilities at HOMA:

As a Group Leader, I am responsible for pumps and motor units in Assembly, cable unit assembly and the paint shop. The tasks I do are very varied and every day is different. My responsibilities include production, monitoring and optimisation, and process organisation.

Why I decided on HOMA:  

With my knowledge and ideas, I want to make a difference. This is what I can do at HOMA, because working independently is highly valued here. I carry the organisational responsibility for the Assembly area and so I have a direct influence on product manufacture. What I like above all is that, since the beginning of my working relationship, I have been able to continue to develop professionally through internal and external further education courses.

My personal highlight at HOMA:

I wouldn't say that I have a special highlight - the overall package at HOMA is great! The family environment helps the employees to work together in all aspects of their job, and contribute to developing them. As an example, we can see the results of good collaboration in our cutter pumps. These are market leaders, and I think it's great that we, as a medium-sized company, can produce and sell engineering services that are successful worldwide.

If I was a particular HOMA product, then I would like to be:

A HOMA cutter pump. I am fascinated by its precision and high performance.


"In my job I am most fascinated by the responsibility that I can take. Because my decisions have a direct influence on the production of our pumps."

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