We're in the "Company Christmas Donation" campaign


This year again, we are committed to supporting the organization Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) with a donation in order to be able to realize projects worldwide for people in need.

Doctors without borders - unconditionally human

Doctors without borders contributes to providing medical assistance to people in need and alleviating their suffering, regardless of ethnic origin, political and religious beliefs or gender. Aid is geared solely to the needs of the needy.The international and national staff of Doctors Without Borders work in around 70 countries and although medical care is a priority, they also provide clean drinking water, food, shelter and general relief supplies.

No emergency aid without donations

Humanitarian aid is not in vain - and Doctors Without Borders works only to a small extent with state funds to help people in need. Only private donations make the emergency aid missions of doctors without borders possible - of supporters who think across borders of people in need. 

Visit the website of doctors without borders

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