Welcome to HOMA! Our new trainees are here!


Once again this year, numerous trainees started their careers at HOMA. Since 1 August we have been training industrial clerks, information technicians, technical product designers, machining mechanics and electronics technicians for machine and drive technology.

A total of 19 trainees are currently starting their careers at HOMA. It is very important to us to offer the young people a varied and interesting apprenticeship. Therefore the trainees get insights into different departments. In own projects the respective knowledge can be deepened and practiced.

After the first weeks of training, we had the opportunity to meet the majority of our trainees at one go and used the opportunity for our annual trainee photo. Six of our trainees were not present at the time of the photo because of the inter-company training or vacation. 

Welcome to HOMA and we wish all trainees a good start and a successful time.



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