Personnel changes in purchasing and sales: HOMA strengthens management level

Press release

At the beginning of 2018, we have strengthened our personnel structure. Sven Fluthgraf (left) is the new head of sales and Fabian Overath (right), who has been with HOMA for three years, rose to head of purchasing. Both are determined to actively support the company in its development.

HOMA is a growing, successful company with products that are needed worldwide,"says Sven Fluthgraf, who is now responsible for international sales and marketing, explaining his decision to switch to HOMA. He can look back on 28 years of experience as a project and sales employee in the field of waste water pumps. This is precisely where he sees the company's opportunities:"HOMA has great growth potential in the project business and plant engineering sectors," explains Fluthgraf. But in order to exploit this potential, many challenges lie ahead for sales. It won't be easy, but we will do everything in our power to achieve the goals."

The high motivation of the staff to always achieve the best possible result for HOMA impresses me every day anew,"Fabian Overath confirms this assessment. Since 2014, he has been supporting us with his know-how in purchasing and sales. In the process, he expanded his cooperation with the upstream and downstream departments and played an active role in shaping future processes through his involvement in the integration of an ERP system. For the next few months, there will still be room for manoeuvre for the new head of the purchasing department:"We want to integrate indirect procurement into the purchasing department and ultimately map the entire merchandise management system via the ERP system," Overath explains his plans.

In doing so, he relies on the professional cooperation and familial teamwork he has come to know and appreciate in recent years. I look forward to advancing the very well-positioned area of my predecessor's business with my own ideas," Overath concludes.

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