HOMA supports VDMA free trade campaign

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Free trade is indispensable for our lives. Our economy and thus our prosperity depend on it; millions of jobs are safeguarded. This is why HOMA supports the VDMA campaign "Thank you, free trade!

We in Germany have money to spend – and thanks to free trade, a huge choise of what to spend it on! Instead of eating the same food every day, we can opt for kebab, pizza, sushi or currywurst. The Internet and shopping centers offer goods for every taste. The variety is almost unlimited. Perfect example of free trade is our well known currywurst. The spicy delicacy may have its origin in Germany, but without free trade most dishes like the currywurst in its familiar form would not be possible. Portuguese brought chili to Europe from South America, from where the British took it to India. The Indians used the chili to make a curry spice mix – and the Berliners made currywurst!

Free trade brings new ideas to the whole world. Medical research and innovative products as well as Business models improve our quality of life, both at work and in our leisure time. Free trade enables us to export goods all over the world. This secures and creates good jobs both here in Germany and in our partner countries.   In summary, free trade brings us prosperity, progress, jobs, diversity, peace and everyday things like currywurst. The Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. has published much more information and stories about free trade. (VDMA) on the following special page:


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