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Alexandra Schönenberg

has been the Assistant Service Manager at HOMA since 2002. In 1995, she began an apprenticeship as an industrial business administrator and, after completing her training, was taken on in the Service Department. At the beginning, she was occupied, above all, with the service hotline and activities in the repair department, whereas she is currently occupied chiefly with strategic planning.

My responsibilities at HOMA:

My responsibilities in the Service Department are very varied, with both commercial and technical aspects. They include the recording of statistical product evaluations, as well as the production of quotations for replacement parts, order processing or the commercial preparation of repair orders. The thing I enjoy most is working with our customers and fitters. I am responsible for planning, co-ordinating and implementing the visits by specialists in customer service from the HOMA factory. You never really know what will await you tomorrow, which makes things particularly exciting. When our customers need maintenance or repair to their pump installations, our personnel goes on site or the repairs are carried out in our company service workshop. In addition, with regard to strategic further developments, I belong to the small circle of key users for our ERP system [Enterprise Resource Planning]. This is a particularly exciting project with the goal of continuous improvement.

Why I decided on HOMA:  

In spite of the continuous growth of the company, team spirit, solidarity and respectful co-operation with one another remains our greatest strength. This distinguishes us from the market leaders in our branch and is always receiving praise from our customers. At HOMA, people work hand-in-hand.

My personal highlight at HOMA:

For the new construction of the service centre (completed 2012), I was able to participate actively in the planning and layout of the service workshop, the service offices and conference and training rooms, while at the same time taking into account the wishes and suggestions from my colleagues. Even now, after we have already been working for some time in the "new premises", I am still proud of what we achieved.

If I was a particular HOMA product, then I would like to be:

A HOMA propeller pump. With many possible uses, dependable, particularly in emergency situations and achieving high performance. Fortunately, we have an advantage in terms of dimensions and, above all, with regard to weight...


"In spite of the continuous growth of the company, team spirit, solidarity and respectful co-operation with one another remains our greatest strength."

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