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HOMA is represented at many relevant industry trade fairs. Our expert staff and sales team at the HOMA booth provide customers and interested visitors with advice and information on all aspects of our company, Products and innovbations.

You are invited.

Please make an appointment to talk to our sales team in person. If required, we will send you a voucher for an exhibition ticket, in order that you can visit the event for free. 

Exhibition - 16 June - 18 June 2020


Waste water and sewage systems
Booth No.: B.132

What awaits you at RioleringsVakdagen

During this highest-profile drainage trade fair of the...


Exhibition - September 01 - 04, 2020

SHK, Essen

Building Services Engineering
Hall 5, E11

What awaits you at SHK Essen

SHK ESSEN is the national trade fair for the sanitation, heating, air...


Exhibition - 07 September - 11 September 2020

IFAT, Munich

Industrial and wastewater technology
Hall B1, 429/528

What awaits you at IFAT

IFAT is the World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw...


Exhibition - 30 November - 02 December 2020

ASIAWATER, Kuala Lumpur

Industrial and wastewater technology
Hall 1, F101

What awaits you at ASIAWATER

With the strong economic growth within the region, Southeast Asia is...


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