Mini lifting units for chemicalli aggressive drainage water - San.iQ plus CH140 WA

Drainage water lifting units with floor-mounted collecting tank

50 Hz


Spherical clearance
10 mm

Discharge size
40 mm (DN32)

Max. head
7 m

Max. flow
6,5 m³/h

Motor power P1
0,32 kW

Motor power P2
0,17 kW


Mini lifting units for chemicalli aggressive drainage water - San.iQ plus CH140 WA


The version with the pump CH140WA also promotes chemically aggressive clear water or wastewater, such as salt water (up to 15 %), from water softeners and condensate from condensing boilers. The San.iQ plus is also the ideal solution for subsequent installation of sanitary facilities.


Collection tank (ABS), Installation kit (Composite), Pump housing (Glass-fibre reinforced synthetic material (Composite)), Motor housing (High quality stainless steel), Impeller (Glass-fibre reinforced synthetic material (Composite)), Rotor shaft (High quality stainless steel), screws (Stainless steel), Seal kit (NBR)

Pumped liquid

Domestic drainage water and effluent. Maximum liquid Temperature: 35°C.


Fully submersible, pressure tight electric motor. Insulation class F. Motor protection IP 68. Thermal sensors imbedded in the motor winding. Rotor shaft and motor housing from high quality stainless steel.

Collection Tank

Odour-tight plastic collection tank. Maximum utility volume 27 litres. One top inlet Ø 40 mm. Four lateral inlets Ø 50 mm. Discharge Ø 40 mm (DN32) with integrated non-return valve - optional on the left or right site allows flexible connection. Air vent with activated carbon filter.


The built-in powerfull drainage pump operates automatically by a floatswitch control. The discharge pipe with Ø 40 mm minimum diameter can be easily installed with minimum construction work. The San.iQ plus compact design allows installation directly under the hand basin with minimal space requirements.

The network frequency is 50 Hz in the EU.
In other parts of the world, such as in the North American region, Brazil, Saudi Arabia or South Korea 60 Hz.

HOMA pumps are available for both frequency ranges. A selection of the pumps for the valid frequency range at the installation site must be made accordingly. We are happy to assist you in the selection of the right pumps.

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50 Hz