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Welcome to our press area. Here you will find all current press releases by HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH. Should you have any further queries or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Press contact
You can reach us at presse( at )homa-pumpen.de


New generation of pumps with lever float switch

Stainless steel shaft with ceramic-coated sealing surface permits continuous operation



Gleanings from the leading water and sewage technology trade fair in Russia.


IFAT was a complete success!

HOMA presented EffTec, our new generation of submersible pumps.


The New EffTec Pumps

High Efficiency Due to Optimized Motors and Hydraulics: HOMA Introduces New Submersible Pump Generation


Customer Survey: Your Opinion Counts!

Customer satisfaction is our most important aim. Your participation will help us to improve our service quality continuously.


Greater Efficiency, Improved Performance Characteristics and Compact Dimensions - the new Sanistar-C Disposal Unit from HOMA

Sanistar C 106 means the new disposal unit from HOMA. Through it, the company presents a particularly economical solution for sewage disposal from private residential buildings.


HOMA Expands its Range of Products with the new C237 W

C237W – the new low suction submersible pump for clear and waste water

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New generation of pumps with lever float switch

Stainless steel shaft with ceramic-coated sealing surface permits continuous operation

The Bully C140 WA can be used in stationary operation for draining domestic sewage from sumps and cellars, from washing machines, washbasins or showers, for example. Furthermore, the connecting cable length of 10 m also permits mobile outdoor use, for example in flooding or to keep pits dry. "This new model is the first pump by HOMA fitted with a lever-float switch", explains Jörg Schiller, sales manager for building services at HOMA. "Our expertise from more than 60 years of experience in the development of sewage and drainage water pumps has been harnessed particularly in the construction of this component, but naturally in all other components as well."

Stainless steel shaft with ceramic-coated sealing surface

In addition to the distinguishing features generally accepted on the market, such as built-in flat-surface drainage, automatic flushing and float switch, the Bully C140 WA is in addition fitted with a stainless steel shaft with a ceramic-coated sealing surface. The ceramic coating, in combination with three lip seals and an oil chamber, guarantees the greatest operational safety –even in continuous operation. In addition to the air bleed valve, the Bully also has a venting screw in the pump chamber that saves the user setting a vent hole by means of a drill when the need arises. "Only an appropriate screwdriver is necessary to unscrew the Venting screw conveniently out of the pump chamber. The pump can then be operated even in a pit or collecting tank that occasionally runs dry“, says Schiller. This simultaneously minimizes any damage to the pump and prevents unnecessary service calls, further enhancing operational safety.

High pump output

HOMA's new pump delivers 320 W output with a 7 m discharge head and a flow rate of 6.5 m³/h. The range of deliveries with the pump includes a connecting bend (1 ¼“ F/F) with seals, a check valve for mobile use and an fixing clamp for the float switch, to allow a continuous operation. "The Bully C140 WA is the first pump in a new series, and further models are already planned“, explains Schiller. "Furthermore, the Bully will be available this year already in combination with the wastewater disposal unit Saniquick C.“