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Welcome to our press area. Here you will find all current press releases by HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH. Should you have any further queries or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Press contact
You can reach us at presse( at )homa-pumpen.de


New generation of pumps with lever float switch

Stainless steel shaft with ceramic-coated sealing surface permits continuous operation



Gleanings from the leading water and sewage technology trade fair in Russia.


IFAT was a complete success!

HOMA presented EffTec, our new generation of submersible pumps.


The New EffTec Pumps

High Efficiency Due to Optimized Motors and Hydraulics: HOMA Introduces New Submersible Pump Generation


Customer Survey: Your Opinion Counts!

Customer satisfaction is our most important aim. Your participation will help us to improve our service quality continuously.


Greater Efficiency, Improved Performance Characteristics and Compact Dimensions - the new Sanistar-C Disposal Unit from HOMA

Sanistar C 106 means the new disposal unit from HOMA. Through it, the company presents a particularly economical solution for sewage disposal from private residential buildings.


HOMA Expands its Range of Products with the new C237 W

C237W – the new low suction submersible pump for clear and waste water

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The New EffTec Pumps

High Efficiency Due to Optimized Motors and Hydraulics: HOMA Introduces New Submersible Pump Generation

Energy efficiency in wastewater disposal is now also of big importance, as it largely determines the economy. To be able to further increase the efficiency of the submersible pumps used here, HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH, which is specialized in this technology, has now redesigned the motor and hydraulics of their units: Not only the efficiency of the motors has been improved but thanks to a permanent motor cooling, all types of the new EffTec Series can be operated in an immersed or dried state. This allows a variety of monitoring capabilities, which can be implemented right from the smallest motor size. The hydraulics was mechanically optimized, which they are now distinguished not only by their high efficiency but also through a particularly running smoothness, which additionally increases the service life of the already overall very robust design. The new developments will be presented for the first time together with the proven grinder pumps by HOMA at the IFAT in Munich.

"A submersible pump with all its components--the motor and hydraulics--must work efficiently in order to achieve the greatest overall efficiency and the lowest energy consumption," explains Martin Senkowski, Head of Design and Development at HOMA. Therefore the company, which has its core competence, is in the field, created initially a new concept for the engines, which can now be set up either wet or dry. This is made possible by the PermaCool system, a new, permanent motor cooling. In addition, the new motor generation allows responding more specifically to special requests from customers: Among other things, during the designing of the units, great importance was placed on the fact that all standard monitoring devices are feasible even for small engines. For example, a float can be used as a leakage monitoring of the upper mechanical seal or the patent-pending pump diagnosis system HOMA VICON can be used.

Increasing efficiencies with low risk of clogging

At the same time, the new design ensures that the cooling jacket cannot clog with solids matters, resulting in a high operational reliability is achieved. This is further supported by the mechanically robust construction and the low winding temperature, which leads to lower thermal stresses and hence to a longer service life. The efficiency of the engines could be improved significantly; the models of the EffTec Series are therefore in compliance with the Premium Efficiency IE 3 class.

To achieve a high overall efficiency, the hydraulics has been changed in conjunction with the motor: In particular, the essential components of any centrifugal pump, the impeller and the pump housing have been completely redesigned. "The nature of the wastewater has changed significantly in recent years; it always contains more solids and less water. Therefore, a pump is needed that works reliably under such conditions," explains Senkowski. Therefore, the new series uses only closed single channel impellers with large ball passages, i.e. a large free passage for solids. To achieve the technically difficult optimization of these components, HOMA fell back on its decades of experience and combined them with modern flow simulation software. In this way, it was able to significantly improve the efficiency of the single channel impellers, while providing a low risk of clogging. In addition, the hydraulics were mechanically revised, allowing the EffTec Series to have a very high running smoothness, which minimizes the stress on all components.

Proven grinding technology for solid-containing pump media

The new developments are going to be presented for the first time at the IFAT 2014 in Munich, in Hall A6, Booth 123/224. The known HOMA submersible grinder pumps for wastewater technology will also be exhibited, which are among the leading technological solutions on the market. The upstream 55 HRC hard stainless steel of the Barracuda GRP Series grinds solids in the pumped medium reliably, this makes it possible to install the subsequent pipes with a smaller diameters. For pump stations with high flow rates, the ASC system was also developed with a free passage up to 100 mm; the adjustable cutting mechanism connects two rotating and one stationary hard metal blades of hardness 90 HARA and provides double protection of clogging at the same time.


At the IFAT, HOMA sales team is available to interested visitors, and happy to address initial discussions and specific inquiries regarding all products.