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Our mission statement, our model, our strategy

Mission statement

We are an independent family company with highly motivated and highly qualified employees.

We produce and market products and systematic solutions for environmental protection, particularly for the disposal and handling of wastewater.

We offer our clients and partners optimal solutions by means of innovative products of high quality and service way above the average.

We are working for sustainable growth and stronger market penetration by systematically further developing our products and services.


To live in HOMA style

umans – are what we build on.
For HOMA, people take priority and they form the basis of our daily work. We consider that partnership relations with our clients, suppliers and employees are the only way we shall together achieve our objectives.

Organisational structure – is what we are working on.
We don't seek to persuade solely with our products. Therefore we work hard to keep our internal processes slim so that we can react to new market requirements with great flexibility.

Mechanical and electrical engineering – is what we love.
We employ outstanding engineers who busy themselves every day with developing and further improving our innovative products. And it's only natural for us to say they can only be "Made in Germany".

Ambition – is what drives us.
It's ambition that drives us on to master every new challenge day by day. When everyone else says "no", you can count on a "yes" from us.


HOMA has identified the following fields of business in which to inspire our clients.

• We create efficient, high-quality products with a long useful lifetime and great operational safety

• We pay attention to environmentally friendly production and sustainability

• We offer outstanding services and an optimal supply of replacement parts

• We are a reliable and predictable partner

• We respond flexibly to our customers' wishes

• We set great store by individual and personal customer Support